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Improve vitality and diminish the effects of occasional stress, plus support digestion, immunity, mental clarity and gentle detoxification in just one sweet, daily spoonful.*
The ONLY all-in-one herbal energy solution!


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Thrive Tonic® Story


Thrive Tonic story - the history of Millcreek HErbs creation of Thrive Tonic
Since 1998, I have observed that my clients have a core set of health concerns having to do with stress, low energy, sleep, digestion, nutrition and innate immunity. They purchase a shelf full of supplements, herbs and vitamins with the intention of coordinating them into a daily regimen but gradually lose track of how it is all supposed to come together.

In the past, herbal tonics were consumed on a regular basis to maintain good health as opposed to treating an illness once you became sick. In an effort to help my clients and customers achieve better vitality, I created THRIVE TONIC® a proprietary formulation of herbs to nourish, strengthen and support the body to withstand the effects of stress, improve digestion and assimilation, boost nutrition and assist in maintaining the balance within.

As the Original Formula grew in popularity, I found ways to boost its therapeutic effect.



Thrive Tonic for people in the prime of life
"Thrive Tonic®is the result of many years of clinical experience in my herbal practice. I've used my extensive herbal knowledge to create a formulation of carefully selected herbs that combine to improve energy and strengthen many aspects of good health simultaneously. Enjoy the convenience of just one, daily spoonful of this sweet tasting formula for greatest benefit and therapeutic value. We all know staying well is the best health insurance. Use Thrive Tonic® every day to build better vitality and maintain optimum health."
~ Merry Lycett Harrison, RH, (AHG), clinical herbalist, owner of Millcreek Herbs, LLC, teacher, author and professional member of the American Herbalists Guild.


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