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Improve vitality and diminish the effects of occasional stress, plus support digestion, immunity, mental clarity and gentle detoxification in just one sweet, daily spoonful.*
The ONLY all-in-one herbal energy solution!


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Thrive Tonic® Story



    "You've got an awesome formula, a great name and very nice packaging- I wish you great abundance and that Thrive Tonic finds its way to all who need it."
    - Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center


    "The herbs in your formula are great. I love the concept of using these vital plants before illness and disease take root to help prevent the scourge of chronic diseases as people age. It's what I consider herbal insurance, but you don't have to be sick to derive the benefits.."
    - Francis Brinker, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine at University of Arizona College of Medicine, Author of Herbal Contraindications and Drug Interactions and Herbal Adjuncts with Medicines, 4th ed.





    "Thrive Tonic is something we can both easily do as a daily wellness routine. The glycerine base means it's simple to store, and the sweet taste makes it a pleasure to know we're doing something good for our health!"


    "It's my new elixir!"


    "About a week ago, I noticed I got up from my desk and my whole body didn't hurt. That is HUGE! But then I had to figure out what did it. I was running low on my THRIVE TONIC and ESSENTIAL FATS so I figured I'd skip those on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, I woke up in pain. So needless to say, I know what's helping. Please send me my monthly refills!"


    "I notice that my mood is brighter, my mind sharper, and I don’t have that exhausting afternoon slump anymore."


    "I don't know how it works but it sure makes you feel good!"


    "My energy is better. I don't have that afternoon slump anymore."


    "I take Thrive Tonic every day and I have not gotten sick in a year, not even a cold. I am sure it helps keep me healthy."


    "I have been using Thrive Tonic everyday for over two years and I notice that I have better energy and I sleep better too. My advice is try it for a month and then stop taking it and that’s when you really understand how much better it makes you feel."


    "I find Thrive Tonic does just what you say it does in a subtle way which I appreciate since I have found some other herbal products to be harsh on my body."


    "As a mother of twins, I would never miss a day of my Thrive Tonic. I find it allows me to stay calmer than usual when stress is high."


    "My nails are stronger."


    "I was having some stomach problems, but I just realized that they have gradually disappeared since I started taking Thrive Tonic three months ago."


    "My knee does not hurt when I play golf anymore."


    "I was concerned that the sweet tasting glycerine would raise my blood sugar but it does not."


    "I enjoy it in my morning tea."


    "It is very sweet so I put it in my morning yogurt."


    "I drizzle it over my granola in the morning."






What does Thrive Tonic® taste like?

It has a mild, pleasant aromatic taste from cinnamon and fennel, nettle and oat straw. The glycerin makes it sweet; but does not raise blood glucose.

How much do I take and how?

The recommended daily dose is 1 teaspoon every morning. People like to add it to tea, yogurt, water, juice, etc.; but this isn't necessary. It does not require refrigeration.

Are all the herbs in Thrive Tonic® organic?

All herbs used in this liquid herbal extract are either Certified Organic, cultivated under organic conditions or conscientiously wild harvested.


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